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SGB are your commercial property maintenance experts ready to handle all your appliance repairs and maintenance jobs. Our team is made up of the best, qualified technicians with years of experience in repairs. We won’t stop until we get the job done and can often do repairs on site. If you’re looking for gas stove repairs in Sydney New South Wales, contact us today.

Fast, friendly appliance repairs and service

We know how important each piece of equipment is in your commercial kitchen and that if something stops working, it can not only hinder the productivity of your business but is also a potential hazard as a lot of appliances are connected to gas, electricity or containing flammable oils. Our Sydney based team can guarantee a fast response time for service call-outs for appliance repair including stove repairs, oven repairs, and more. Our repair service technicians are fast, friendly, and efficient at getting the job done. Our service vehicles are fully stocked with genuine spare parts from all major brands and our team has a 90% success rate of being able to complete repairs in Sydney on the spot.

Common problems with gas cooking

Gas stoves are one of the most popular cooktop options in commercial kitchens, and as the main cooking appliance for preparing meals, they see the heaviest amount of use. We’ve come to know the most common issues that can arise and cause a need for gas stove repair and oven repairs. This includes repairs for issues like:

  • burners not lighting
  • pilot light failure
  • weak flame
  • no spark in the gas burner
  • gas odour
  • strange sounds
  • loss of power
  • disconnected gas (which can also lead to problems with hot water or your gas heater)

If there is something technically wrong with your appliance, it is best to call for qualified appliance repair specialists. At SGB, we can arrive at your location for same-day service for stove repairs Sydney. If your unit needs replacing, we can perform new unit installations too.

Common problems with gas cooking

When it comes to commercial stove repair, it is best to leave stove repairs to the professionals. Our tradespeople at SGB are highly skilled and can take care of all of your gas stove repairs in and around Sydney. The appliance repair service that we provide for gas or electric stove repairs in Sydney includes repairs for:

  • strange sounds – your stove should run silently, apart from the sound of food cooking. If it’s noisy, we can take a look and find the issue for you.
  • fixing your burners – if they stop working, the cause could be an internal burner fault. Our service person can solve this problem for you onsite at a service call.
  • installation issues – Some gas appliance installation firms don’t have the experience or expertise to fit gas appliances properly. If this has happened to you, it is important you call a professional to fix any obvious physical issues with the gas oven or stove, like the oven door not closing properly.
  • gas leak – if you can smell gas, this is by far the most serious kind of issue that you need a professional to look at and service. You may find this is causing problems with your other gas appliances like your hot water, washing machine, or gas heater.
  • overcooking/undercooking food – if your oven is not cooking food properly, there could be a problem with your thermostat.
  • power failure – If there is no power running to your gas oven or stove, this could indicate an electrical problem. We highly recommend calling for stove or oven repairs as soon as possible to avoid any electrical malfunctions or fire.
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    Preventative Maintenance

    Rather than wait for equipment to break down before you call us, talk to us about a preventative maintenance plan to ensure your equipment runs smoothly and breaks down less often.

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    How much does it cost to fix a gas oven?

    We are upfront and transparent with our prices and repair quotes. For your Sydney gas oven repairs, it depends on the type of work that we will carry out for you. If your oven repair is a simple fix, it probably won’t cost you more than a couple of hundred dollars. If we need to order parts for a major repair, or other items are affected like your hot water, washing machine or gas heater, you will be looking at more. We pride ourselves on clear and honest communication, so when you contact us for repairs Sydney, you can trust that all prices will be competitive for the work on your oven repairs.

    How much does it cost to repair a gas run stove cooktop?

    For a gas stove repair, you are looking at roughly the same price range as similar repairs oven related. The costs involved reflect our call-out fee and the length of time that our technician needs to perform your repairs service. We are stove and oven repair experts. We can do any repair service for the electric or gas appliance in your kitchen including all your oven repairs, stove cooktop repairs, and other commercial kitchen appliance repairs Sydney.

    How do I fix my stove? Can I do repairs myself?

    There are some tips and tricks to solve minor issues with your stove. Most include a thorough cleaning as grime can build-up & cause blockages to your burners & dials. If you smell gas or have lost power, it’s best to call us for your repair in Sydney as your trusted Sydney appliance repair experts.

    How often should a gas stove be serviced?

    Booking a regular maintenance service is the best way to prevent any major repair issues from rising up and to keep your cooking experience smooth and drama-free. We can arrange this service when you contact us, avoiding any oven repairs, stove repairs & other emergency repairs.

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