Commercial Deep Fryer Repair

SGB Maintenance Australia are commercial kitchen equipment repair specialists, with mature professional tradespeople who have over 15 years of experience in Commercial Kitchen Maintenance. When something goes awry with your commercial cooking equipment, you want to know that you can call technicians you can trust. At SGB we make it our business to make sure your business is running smoothly, and that means we are experts at all commercial appliance repair jobs.

Reliable equipment repair specialists

If you have a problem with your commercial catering equipment, call a technician from SGB! Our team will arrive promptly at your location, and we have a highly successful track record – being able to complete 95% of repair jobs on the spot. Our team is reliable in skill and in service. They will arrive at your location in one of our fully stocked vehicles which are loaded with genuine spare parts from all the major brands for commercial machines including fryers, oven repairs, commercial fridges, stoves, and more. Our customers have been blown away by the level of customer service that our team provides, as we minimise our impact on your work facility whilst simultaneously taking care of your machine repairs.

Commercial Deep Fryer Repair Service

If you own or are working in a kitchen, you will know how integral your gas deep fryer is to the operation of your kitchen. Commercial deep fryers are one of the most used pieces of equipment in the kitchen. They are versatile at being able to cook a wide range of delectables, and if your deep fryer malfunctions you will want to get that sorted quick! Their nature is to cook in heavy-duty conditions, with lots of oil, with coats of grime and grease easy to build-up. This build-up can cause blockages to your commercial fryer, and potentially lead to a major fire hazard. Fryers are extremely flammable and if not properly serviced or maintained, can become quite dangerous. We can work on a range of different types of deep fryers including single pan fryers, gas deep fryers, and electric deep fryer repairs.

Some common issues that we see with commercial deep fryers include:

  • a faulty pilot light that won’t stay lit
  • a faulty thermostat that won’t turn off or runs erratically
  • a defective high limit switch failing to correctly transmit the temperature to your thermostat
  • poor oil circulation

If you find that you are experiencing an issue like the ones above or anything else that is causing you concern, contact us for your commercial fryer repairs. We have a fast response time to all repair inquiries in Sydney and can have a technician out to you in no time.

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    Preventative Maintenance

    Rather than wait for equipment to break down before you call us, talk to us about a preventative maintenance plan to ensure your equipment runs smoothly and breaks down less often.

    Why Choose SGB for Facility Maintenance?

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    24/7 emergency service.

    Visibility across all work orders.

    Expertise with common tasks.

    Permanent staff, no sub-contractors.

    Free training and support.

    Extremely cost effective.

    Clear & honest communication.

    Quality Spare Parts for Deep Fryer Repairs and Other Appliances.

    For your machine repairs, make sure that you are receiving only the best in spare parts. This means your catering equipment will last longer after your commercial kitchen equipment repairs work has been done, whether that’s fryer repairs, oven repairs, freezer repairs, commercial fridges, commercial dishwasher or any other machine repairs that you use in your commercial kitchen. We work with all major brands for kitchen appliances including Bosch, Chef, DeLonghi, Frymaster, Miele, and more.

    We only use genuine manufacturer spare parts for machine repairs on things like your deep fryers, commercial oven repairs, freezer repairs, and are firm believers that quality parts are what makes your appliance repair service great. The more life you get from your spare parts means that your kitchen can run more smoothly- without downtime or interruption from broken-down appliances.

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    We have been servicing the community of Sydney for all kinds of kitchen appliance repair jobs for years. We have built up great relationships with businesses in various industries in Sydney that have commercial spaces and need various appliance repair work done.

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